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A Gathering of Wicked Fans

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This community is for fans of the play "Wicked".

Community Moderators: _trustingdesire and elekanahmen

Just a few rules for posting and use of the community:
Rule #1: No Bootleg discussion unless it is under a lj-cut and friends-only. Discussion of bootlegs includes Video, Audio, AND Scripts. Please please please, this is the number one rule for a reason Don't Break It.
Rule #2: Play nice! If there is any fighting that comes to the attention of the mods, there will be circumstances including temporary suspension of posting priviledges.
Rule #3: You can post your opinion. No one can stop you from that. We only ask that you keep it nice and keep it clean. You don't have to like the actors, the show, or even each other; but this is a community and we MUST peacefully coexist, or we will destroy ourselves. Our only request is that if you have something negative to say about the show as a whole, you keep it to yourselves. Most of the people in this community are here because they are FANS of the show and don't want to see negative things about it. If you are a fan, you're welcome; if you aren't, then keep it peaceful. This is a community for the fans first and foremost.
Rule #4: All spoilers MUST be under a cut. A spoiler is anything that can and does give away things about the show that should be a surprise to those who haven't seen it yet. If you're going to talk about the end or any of the twists, put it under a cut. That includes icons that discuss spoilers, graphics that discuss spoilers, etc. Other entries that must be under a cut include: Any entries with graphics, icons, or pictures. Some people have dialup and images slow the loading of their friends page or the community down. Also, please cut any entries longer than a paragraph. This entry is NOT cut because it is important that every member sees this and follows the rules. How do you make an LJ-Cut? There's a whole section in the LJ FAQ about it here.
Rule #5: There are YOUNG fans of this show, so keep the cursing and risque icons to a minimum. All users have, by default, three icons that they can use. If you arent sure how to change your icons, ask, someone will help you. Young people using this community shouldn't be subjected to icons with partial or full nudity, or other scandalacious things!
Rule #6: If you see someone's icon, and you like it, do NOT just think it's okay to take it and use it. Odds are, that person doesn't want their icon being used by other people, so ask and wait for a response before taking graphics and icons, it'll save you a lot of drama.
Rule #7, the most important rule: It's just a show, and this is just a livejournal community, which means above all else have fun. Don't get caught up in petty drama, It's not worth it. Livejournal isn't life or death, so don't treat it that way.

If these rules are broken, the following actions will be taken:

1. You will be issued a warning to correct your offense in your comments.
2. If the offense is NOT corrected in the set amount of time or by the end of the day, your post will be deleted and, if neccesary, a post will be made regarding the offense.
3. If you re-post the deleted entry, your posting priviledges will be suspended as the moderators see fit.
4. If you continue to act up you will be banned and any ban evasions will be reported to LJ-Abuse and all of the offending journals will be punished as according to their regulations. Thank you.

If you do not think you can abide by these rules, please use your own common sense and leave the group. There are scores of other LJ Wicked communities including wicked_obc, wicked_elite, and wickedmusical. However, many of these communities have similar rules and similar, if not more strict, moderation and punishments.







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just take out the *'s

Wicked is love